The general topic of the Congress is “Wildlife under human influence – What can we do?”, and within this overall framework, the Congress will address different topics, organized in several parallel sessions (session themes to be adjusted depending on the submitted contributions):

Topical Keynote Speakers of great quality have already accepted to participate.

Topics for the 33rd IUGB Congress:

  • Adaptive Management
  • Social dimensions of wildlife management
  • Wildlife health issues
  • Harvest and hunting bags
  • Urban ecology
  • Threatened species
  • Predator preys relationships
  • Mountain animals
  • Ungulate and wild boar ecology

Topics* for the 14th Perdix Congress:

  • Animal and population biology / ecology
  • Ethology
  • Physiology
  • Diseases and contaminations / ecotoxicology
  • Population and habitat monitoring / status
  • Population dynamics and modelling
  • Captive breeding and release
  • Management and conservation
  • Hunting and socioeconomics

*Some of these topics overlap so this pre-programme will be arranged according to the abstracts submitted for plateform presentations and posters.

Topics for Special Sessions / Workshops :

If you wish to organise a session or a workshop, do not hesitate to contact us ( as soon as possible.

The Congress will offer three Awards:

  • The Best Young Scientist Award. You are asked if you want to apply for this Award in the Abstract Template. To apply for this Award you must be between bachelor degree and the third year after the end of your PhD.
  • The Green Travel Award. You are asked if you want to apply for this Award in the Registration Form. To apply this award, you have to choose especially low-carbon transportation to come to the Congress.


Please prepare your abstract following this abstract template and submit it in .doc format.

Note that the Congress language is English….

The abstracts will be evaluated gradually by the Scientific Committee.

The final programme will be established according to the abstracts we will receive and selected by the Scientific Committee. More details on our global programme are available here.

Please prepare your abstract following this abstract template and submit it in .doc format.

Note that the Congress language is English. All the presentations (talks, posters) must be written in English, including figures, tables, legends, etc. We are hoping to arrange for a translation service (English to French and/or French to English); in the expectative, please consider that you will have to present your work in comprehensible English language. It’s time to train!


You can submit your abstract(s) until 2017, February 28th.

You will receive an e-mail confirming your abstract has been correctly submitted.


Submissions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Depending upon the number of oral presentations submitted and time available, the SC may suggest shifting an oral presentation to a poster presentation. You will be notified by the beginning of April 2017 about acceptance.


Accepted abstracts will be featured in the online programme and in the printed programme.

Here please find guidelines to prepare your oral presentation, and your poster presentation.


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