Interim IUGB President 2015-2017

Interim IUGB President 2015-2017
Nirmala is Chief Scientific Officer at the French National Hunting and Wildlife Agency (ONCFS) and has organized several conferences and science-policy brokerage events.



IUGB President 2011-2013

IUGB President 2011-2013
Former Secretary-General and Senior Policy Adviser of the European hunters’ federation FACE, Yves organized the 2013 IUGB Congress which took place in Brussels. Yves’ experience will be a great help for the organization of IUGB 2017.



Sophie is Murielle’s Assistant, passionate about public relations and event organization. For the 2017 IUGB Congress, she is particularly in charge of organizing the venue, website and sponsorship.


Laetitia POUIOL

ONCFS Assistant of the Camargue station, Laetitia takes part in the organization of the 2017 IUGB Congress, especially for matters related with the social events: ice-breaking cocktail, gala dinner, city visits, excursions…



At the ONCFS, based in the Camargue station, Matthieu is in charge of the study programmes on waterfowl. He has already attended a couple of IUGB congresses, and will lead the IUGB 2017 Scientist Committee.


Hélène est l’assistante de Sophie. Elle s’occupe plus particulièrement des inscriptions à l’IUGB, assure un support logistique dans le cadre du sponsoring et de la gestion événementielle. Elle est passionnée de langues étrangères et d’organisation d’événements.


Elisabeth BRO

At the ONCFS, Elisabeth carries out research on small game in farmlands, especially grey partridge. Recently, her research dealt with impacts of pesticides on small game species. Elisabeth organizes the 14th Perdix Congress, which will take place within 2017 IUGB Congress.


Adrienne’s thesis is on the ``Spatial analysis of predation on livestock by a large carnivore: the brown bear, Ursus arctos, in the Pyrenees and in the Alps``. In the Pyrenees and in the Alps, predation on domestic herds is one of the main limiting factors for the brown bear-human cohabitation. This work aims at going beyond the primary vulnerability analysis of grazing areas by undertaking a spatially explicit study of biotic and abiotic factors, which can influence predatory behaviour of brown bears.

Her work is conducted under supervision of Pierre-Yves Quenette at ONCFS, with also the Center for Ecology and Conservation Sciences (CESCO) of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, and the University Pierre et Marie Curie / Paris VI.

You can talk to Adrienne preferentially in French and English, but also in Spanish.


IUGB President 2015-2017

IUGB President 2015-2017
At the French National Hunting and Wildlife Agency (Office national de la chasse et de la faune sauvage - ONCFS), Murielle is responsible for the Research Unit in charge of studies on predators and depredators.